Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall 2014

It’s fall, only a few aspen are clinging to their golden leaves.  The farmers market is finished, and frosts and snows have ended the growing season.  Summer was a flurry; a near miss wildfire, gardening, end of life issues and healing.  Through it all both Gary and I kept remembering the Ultra Caballo; people, food, the river.  The event even permeated our dreams, we dream in Spanish, we are back in Urique, the other night I dreamt there was a race and watched people; Tony, Gary and Patrick run past- ‘I should be running too’ I told myself and sure enough there I was coming around the corner.

The occasion stirred memories we had left abandoned; the beauty of simplicity, the kindness of strangers, simple food, korima (although we hadn’t named it when we were young).  People came to market to congratulate Gary, and then strangers started bringing me baby blankets for the Raramuri children.  The man who wrote a fabulous article about Gary started running, the client who ordered a cherry table started running.  We both decided that we would try to return to the Caballo Blanco Ultra.  The logistics are sketchy but that isn’t new. 

Last week my sister and her husband were here and they encouraged me to start up the blog again, so here goes.    We will keep you posted!
The remuda has begun!  Who knew there would really be 500 children running in the race of the Caballitos?  My goal this year- a pony for each bag of school supplies! Current count 47, 453 to go...

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